Pulpacktion envisions a 100% bio-based integral packaging solution with similar properties as existing fossil-based packaging solutions. The new product will fulfill medium and high barrier requirement’s as demanded from food and electronics industries. Pulpacktion will provide replacements to current fossil-based packaging using well-known and largely used material such as cellulose. Material properties will be enhanced through pulp formulation and processing, along with the use of bio-based polymeric formulations. Pulpacktion will reach at least a 50 % reduction in CO2 emissions by taking today’s moulding technology beyond state-of-the art, allowing for a more energy efficient process and decreased material needs. A successful project will also help reduce the amount of non-degradable plastics that are landfilled each year.

Pulpacktion’s Technical Goals

  • New pulp formulations that incorporate biopolymers and bio-additives, for wet moulding applications
  • Production at industrial scale of wet compression moulded packages
  • Demonstrate on Industrial scale production of new 100% bio-based polymer materials with enhanced barrier and mechanical properties for film and coating applications
  • Development of bio-based inks to be used for inkjet printing applications
  • Implementation at industrial scale of the production of 100% bio-based tailored-to-purpose packaging
  • Bridging the innovation gap, moving from laboratory results to industrial implementation

About Pulpacktion

Within the PULPACKTION project, a cellulose-based packaging solution able to compete with current fossil based packaging systems will be launched. This will be accomplished by the combination of improved cellulose pulps and bio-based polymers. The use of improved wet moulded cellulose as the main packaging material will reduce the final package weight and increase its sustainability, providing a controlled shaped part. PULPACKTION project will develop fully bio-based packaging materials with a high percentage of cellulose for food and electronic market applications. The package solution will help reduce the waste streams by substituting plastics with an eco-friendly bio-based solution.