• ITENE is a Spanish research institute located in Valencia and they are leading development of food packaging and food contact products. Their expectation: A 100% bio based packaging.
  • Borregaard is located in Norway, they make specialty cellulose such as Micro fibrillated Cellulose, MFC. Their aim is to evaluate the potential of MFC in packaging products. The MFC as mechanical properties can help to increase the trays strength (dry and wet), density, barrier properties and smoothness.
  • CHIMIGRAF is an ink producer located in Barcelona. They want to optimize bio based inkjet formulations and validation of the QR traceability system.
  • DuPont (Genencor, Netherlands) is an industrial bioscience company that makes for examples biopolymers from sugar (polysaccharides). Their products can be used as an additive in several applications in this project, for example print coatings, strength additive, barrier film/coating and moulded fibre applications.
  • IRIS is a company located in Barcelona. They develop software for Industry4.0 and their aim is to develop a new optical system for quality control. IRIS expectations is to acquire new knowledge about paper based packaging, develop new optical system for quality control of QR codes, full traceability solution for packaging and extend the network with the member of the BOAC.
  • Rottneros AB intention is to become a world leader in supplying specialty pulp to the moulded fibre industry. Rottneros AB already have over 10 years of experience of supplying pulp to moulded fibre applications. They will contribute to fulfill the aim of the project and enhance networking for future collaborations.
  • Rottneros Packaging AB aim is to develop the business and launch fully biodegradable trays to the market by developing the existing technology and process by gaining advantage of the Pulpacktion Project input.
  • Rise is a Swedish research and technology institute with extensive knowledge of pulp and paper unit operations. Innventias expectations of the project is to take part in the developmental process of sustainable viable packaging solutions, develop advanced technical packaging design, tools and methods to predict and design sensory qualities and develop material concepts suitable for advanced fibre moulding.
  • Novamont is a producer of biobased polymers and starches, located in Italy. They have over a thousand patents in this field. They can for instance make lifecycle assessments, biodegradable tests and material characterization. Novamonts expectation in the project is to present biopolymers to be incorporated into the wet moulded product. Validation of at least one formulation to produce coatings to enhance barrier or surface properties of the wet moulded materials or films for the production of lids for packages.
  • MI-Plast is a Croatian company dedicated to development of bio polymers such as bio polyesters and final applications i.e. end products (films for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging) from biomaterials and recycled materials. Their expectations are to build a portfolio of IP (patents, industrial secrets and know-how)
  • TECNARO GmbH develop, produce and market high quality bio-based and biodegradable materials. TECNARO as a compounder will implement on an industrial scale the production of the enhanced blends and composites.
  • Total -Corbion is the global market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives, and lactides. They will work both with new pulp formulations and new barrier concepts where their products and know-how will ensure success.

This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720744.

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