Located in Sarpsborg, Norway, Borregaard is operating one of the worlds most advanced biorefineries. A range of high value products like specialty cellulose, lignin performance chemicals, vanillin and second generation bioethanol is produced from Norwegian spruce.

Borregaard is an innovation intensive manufacturer, spending more than 4% of turnover on innovation. As a strategy for the expansion of the biorefinery concept Borregaard are involved in industrial scale production of micro fibrillar cellulose (MFC) from biomass to be used to enhance product properties and increase biomass value.

A new process for production of MFC has been developed and scaled up to pilot plant size. A plant based on this process is under construction, and will be operative Q3 2016.

Borregaard will support Pulpacktion with samples of MFC, cellulose pulp, expertise and advice.

Main tasks

Borregaard will provide microfibrillated cellulose both in lab and in pilot scale for the development of new pulp and biobased film formulations.

Also, the company will deliver sulphite cellulose pulp to be used in the new bio-based pulp formulations for wet moulding applications. The company will be also be involved in the characterization of cellulose pulp and microfibrillated cellulose for wet moulding.

Active in work packages: WP 2, 3, 4 and 6