Kao Chimigraf

Chimigraf Ib rica S.L. (CHIMIGRAF) is dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of liquid flexographic inks, and UV inkjet quality for domestic markets and international printing industry. CHIMIGRAF has continually strived to specialize in the production of water, solvent and UV based inks for Flexography, Rotogravure, for Digital systems and in addition for Ink-Jet, and Screen printing as well as Pigmentary Dispersions (Chips), and auxiliary coating products. The company devotes its resources to finding the best sources of raw materials that make the grade:

  • water based – flexographic & gravure inks
  • solvent/nitro based – flexographic & gravure inks
  • inkjet inks
  • concentrate chips – flexographic & gravure inks

The main company is Chimigraf Ib rica S.L. with 160 employees in 6 utilities and with 20 usual external collaborators.3 main utilities (water based inks, solvent based inks and Inkjet inks) and 1 main warehouse placed in Rub  (Barcelona) with 140 employees. Chimigraf has ain international presence with officies in France, Italy, Portugal, Cina and USA.

Main tasks

Main tasks covered by Chimigraf will be:

To act as expert on inks and printing technologies; parttake in process adaptation and validation with the optimised bio-based inks. Develop bio-based printing ink production at industrial scale and printing process integration. CHIMIGRAF will be the leader of T5.3, responsible for printing process validation, and T6.1.2. responsible of the implementation of the printing technologies at industrial scale.

Active in work packages: WP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9