ITENE is a Research Center that provides business solutions from an overall perspective of the supply chain, from raw materials and product development to its final waste management, all within the framework of sustainability. From Lab to Market, ITENE leads companies to obtain competitive differentiation thanks to the development of tailored made solutions. ITENE promotes, in general and for any type of business, scientific research, technological advancement, the development of information society and promoting sustainability in the areas of packaging, logistics, transportation and mobility. Besides this, ITENE provides recognized laboratory testing services. The research centre boast a multidisciplinary team of researchers and technicians with proven experience who are constantly evolving and state-of-the-art infrastructures to ensure the very highest working standards.

Main tasks

  • To coordinate eco-design work in WP1
  • To analyse different slurries used for developing wet moulding materials and to characterize main properties of wet moulding materials at pilot and semi-industrial scale (WP2&WP3)
  • To design biobased formulations to reach main properties of new packaging solutions. Production at pilot scale of novel materials, formulation of compounds and its characterization (WP4)
  • To analyse biobased content of biobased inks developed at WP5 and to collaborate in its formulation
  • Evaluation of final demonstrators performance at semi-industrial scale (WP6), to carry out food packing trials at semi-industrial scale and to demonstrate food compliance of new packaging solutions (WP7)
  • Development and coordination of Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon footprint reduction and to certify biodegradability of packaging materials (WP8)
  • Leading IPR assessment and to carry out an Exploitation Strategic Seminary (WP9)
  • Technical Management of the full proposal.
Active in work packages: WP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10