Rise is a world-leading research institute that works with innovation based on forest raw materials.

We have state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot plant equipment that we use to carry out top-level research, development, and innovation for both processes and materials. Rise works bilaterally or in multi-client consortia that can include entire value chains. Our combined competence, from material science to consumer value and market intelligence, is utilized to find solutions applicable by customers large and small. Rise has a very large network of national and international partners (>1000 companies).

Rise was active in setting up both the Swedish National Research Agenda 2020 for the forest sector as well as the Swedish forest-based Strategic Innovation Area programme called Bio-Innovation where materials and construction are two of the three strategic areas for funding.

Rise also hosts the Grants Office for the forest sector, a service that helps companies, including many SMEs, in their contacts with scientists and funding agencies, including European programmes. Applications are broad: from paper, board, and packaging to transportation, electronic, and construction. The group annual turnover is SEK 308 million and the number of employees is 207 (including subsidiaries).

Rise is located in Stockholm, Trondheim, Norway, through its subsidiary company PFI AS, Lignoboost Demo AB and Rise UK Ltd.

Main tasks

In WP1 Rise will act as WP leader, managing the activities regarding consumer insight.

In WP2 Rise will play an active role in the development, production and evaluation of new fibre formulations that will be developed and screened in order to find suitable mixtures for pilot scale testing.

In WP 3 Rise will participate in investigating the performance of developed fibre formulations in pilot scale trials.

In WP 4 Rise will parttake in the development and evaluation of new biobased barrier concepts.

Rise will bring sustainability expertise regarding packaging, pulping and paper to WP 7 and will actively take part in evaluation of produced materials and concepts.

Active in work packages: WP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9