New Pulpacktion film used to inspire research initiatives in Italy

At an event to review the innovation developed in Italy through the BBI JU-funded projects, Pulpacktion research partner Novamont presented the Pulpacktion cellulose-based packaging solutions and how they are responding to demands of the food and electronics packaging industries.

The intention of the event is to promote the opportunities offered by BBI JU to regional and national institutions towards the Italian private and public actors involved in the drafting of post-COVID-19 recovery plans. During the keynote, BBI JU Executive Director Philippe Mengal,  introduced the work of BBI JU, its objectives and achievements during the opening session of the online event. Eleven BBI-JU projects with Italian partners were presented. Kasper Skuthälla from Rottneros Packaging is the project manager of Pulpacktion.

“There are still so many products that need to change to greener solutions and the Italian initiative should happen all over Europe! I think Pulpacktion is a good example of strong interaction between partners in a project, bringing in a wide range of deep expertise in all aspects of renewing packaging to demands of sustainability. To go fossil free in food containers demands a deep dive into numerous material formulas and treatments for stiffness and impermeability. Which materials and production techniques achieve a result that together replaces the single material plastic? That allows the container to stay lightweight, stiff and attractive in design? It is not easy, it requires multi-lateral research and co-operation to achieve results that are implementable in industrial scale”, finishes Kasper Skuthälla.

In Pulpacktion, Novamont has performed synthesis of biopolyesters, processing of biopolyester into reactive extrusion for the production of compostable biomaterials and testing in film blowing. Besides Novamont from Italy, Pulpacktion have partners with key knowledge from Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Sweden and Norway. A common target is to open up new applications and markets but also to increase the competitiveness of the European pulp, board and paper making industries.

The event was arranged by APRE, the Agency for the Promotion of European Research in Italy and the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research.

Click the picture to the view film, .

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