Founded in 1998, TECNARO GmbH develops, produces and markets bio-based and biodegradable materials.

The business is focused on three different material families:

  1. Liquid Wood ARBOFORM
  2. Wood Plastic Composites ARBOFILL
  3. Biopolymer Compound ARBOBLEND.

ARBOFORM  and ARBOBLEND  consist of biopolymers like the wood constituent lignin or of lignin derivatives and/or other biopolymers like Polylactic Acid, Polyhydroxyalkanoates etc. used as binders for natural fibers. ARBOFILL  is made from petrochemical polymers like Polypropylene or Polyethylene partially blended with biopolymers and reinforced/filled with natural fibers like hemp, flax or wood.

TECNARO performed several national and international research projects regarding material development based on natural resources. Together with Fraunhofer ICT, TECNARO owns several patents in this field.

The experience of TECNARO in processing bio-based polymers affords different possible fields of application of cellulose based materials in compounds. The expertise in compounding enables versatile development potentialities, e.g improvement of processability in packaging production. TECNARO will study the potential both of the obtained cellulose based materials and of MFCs. The properties of developed formulations will be characterized regarding their thermal stability (HDT), impact strength (Charpy), tensile strength and stiffness/E-module.

TECNARO won several awards for innovation, sustainability and in the category supplier: Green Brand Germany 2013, Dieselmedaille 2011, European Inventor Award 2010, Deutscher Industriepreis (German Industry Award) 2009, Werkbund label 2008, VR Innovationspreis (Innovation Award of VR Bank) 2007, Golden Euromold Award.

Main tasks

TECNARO will participate in the following main tasks:

  • Production of developed bio-based compounds and master batches at industrial scale.
  • Evaluation and optimization of different procedures for obtaining well dispersed MFC composites.
  • Definition of best processes for producing final products
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