Total-Corbion is the world leader in the production of lactic acid and derivatives, with extensive knowledge concerning PLA. This knowledge will be utilized within PULPACKTION for new cellulose pulp formulations (WP 1) and bio-based films and coatings (WP 4).

Total-Corbion is involved in the development, manufacturing, application and worldwide marketing and sales of products, technologies and services in relation to lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, including but not limited to lactide and polylactic acid. Its commitment to innovation is deeply embedded in its strategy and culture, based on the values of partnership and performance.

A large part of its global workforce works directly in R&D working together and with its global network of partners to turn science into original biobased applications and innovations that meet customer and market needs.

Main tasks:

  • Supply adequate amounts of PLA materials in different grades
  • Support the project with in depth knowledge on PLA chemistry, formulation, processing and property characterization.
Active in work packages: PURAC will be active in WP 4, 6 and 9