Rottneros AB is a world leading producer of customized market pulp, both mechanical and chemical pulp, and virgin fiber based packages. Rottneros AB consist of two pulp mills, Rottneros Mill and Vallviks Mill, and Rottneros Packaging. We work on the global market and is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm stock exchange since 1987. The group employs around 290 employees and the two mills produces 375 000 tons in 2015 with a turnover of approx. 1,800 MSEK.
Rottneros Packaging has 10-15 years experience of producing virgin cellulose fiber based products in wet-moulded process. Our products are environmental friendly, world leading in surface quality and gives excellent stability at low grammages. The production process consist of two lines, which are very flexible and suitable for production, testing and evaluation of virgin fiber based products.

Your role in the project: Rottneros major role in PULPACKTION is to provide well characterized mechanical and chemical pulps. We will be part of the evaluation of possible fiber sources for the project. Apart from supplying pulp and be part of the characterization, we are lead beneficiary of WP2 and play an important role in WP3.

Rottneros Packaging is the coordinator of PULPACKTION. Development and evaluation of pulps, final products and wet-moulded process based on previous knowledge and expertise. Provide trays and samples for bio-based barrier testing. We will implement PULPACKTION innovations in a semi-scale production for Brand-owner and market evaluation. We are lead beneficiary of WP3/WP6 and has major roles in WP2 and WP7.

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Active in work packages:  Active in 9 WP:s and have major roles in WP 2,3


Active in work packages:  Active in all 11 WP:s and have major roles in WP1,2,3,6,7